Thursday, October 13, 2011

Isabella Went to School Today

I am happy to report that Isabella went to school today for the first time in a week!  Because of the steroids, she does have problems falling asleep at night, and because of that she was an hour late to school.  We fully expected her to be super tired and only spend an hour or two at school, but we were surprised to see her make it through the whole day.  The only oddity is that with her increased appetite (again, because of the steroids), she was hungry at the end of the school day despite eating a full lunch.

We have begun lowering her doses of the steroids, but I have heard that they need to be tapered anywhere from a couple more weeks to a couple more months.  If you’ve ever seen chubby cancer patients, you’ll know it’s because of the steroids.

So we continue to watch Isabella closely, probably to the point that it’ll drive us (and her) mad.  She hasn’t complained of any more headaches, but there are some signs of weaknesses.  I should tell myself to not go too crazy looking at every little thing otherwise I will go crazy.

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