Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Chance to Help

We’ve all had many opportunities in our lives to help others.  That help may come in many different ways from helping someone open a bottle of ketchup, to helping someone do homework, or helping someone move from one house to another.  Usually, most of our help is offered to people close to us, whether it be family, friends, or other acquaintances.  But it isn’t often that we are given the opportunity to save someone’s life, and it’s probably even rarer to save a complete stranger’s life.

On a couple of occasions, I've posted about the bone marrow donor program (DKMS) and encouraged everyone to become a donor.  Recently, I received the following note from a friend.

Hi Roneil, I wanted to let your family know that I signed up with DKMS back in 2009 when you wrote about the little girl who needed a bone marrow donor. Today I go for a bone marrow blood draw because I have been found to be a potential match for a man with leukemia who needs a transplant. I hope I'll be a match and able to help! I wanted to say Thank You to you for the post, I don't think I would have ever signed up if you hadn't made it so easy. I hope things are going well, and healthy, for you all!! ~Erin

Good luck, Erin.  Even though you’ll be doing all the heavy lifting, I am glad I was able to potentially help save someone.  Hopefully, this note will also inspire others to sign up and become donors.


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