Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Sigh of Relief

So after two days of being sent home from school for vomiting, we scheduled Isabella for an MRI today. Our doctor must know the immense anxiety that parents go through when awaiting the results, so as soon as she saw us in the waiting to tell us the results, the first thing she said was that everything looked stable. We immediately breathed a sigh of relief then went back to her office to take a closer look at the scans. We were fully expecting to see tumor growth which accounted for Isabella's vomiting. However, it could have been a stomach virus or anything else (we may never know), as long as it wasn't tumor.

In addition, her blood counts are also steadily improving, but not yet at levels to continue with the next round of chemo. We won't start another round until possibly the week after next.

So enjoy your weekend, I know ours will be much more enjoyable now!

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