Friday, May 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

After a relatively uneventful week of chemotherapy, Isabella is now home relaxing in front of the TV.  So far, her appetite hasn’t been affected yet and she hasn’t had any nausea.  She felt good enough to participate in several activities all week.  In previous cycles, she didn’t feel like doing anything during the chemo.  As you can see from the picture below, she felt good enough to at least walk part way from the hospital to Grand Central Terminal.

So our plan is to enjoy the weekend, and potentially go to school next week, depending on how her blood counts are.  Have a great weekend all and enjoy these pictures.

Isabella sits on her food tray to draw on the whiteboard in her room.


Although Isabella’s right leg is still weak and she’s unable to jump very high, she played hopscotch with her physical therapist.


Isabella plays “Sorry!” with a volunteer as her nurse checks the chemo hanging from her IV pole.


Isabella walks with mommy and grandma from the hospital, free from any tubes and poles!  Nathaniel is concentrating on Angry Birds on the iPad.

On our way home! :D

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  1. So many of us who work at Marvin follow this great site to see how Isabella's recovery is going. I love to see the pictures of her. She is a beautiful and brave girl. We love to be around her.


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