Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling Better and Getting Ready to Go Home

Isabella has felt much better today and has actually eaten and drank normally.  When Isabella woke up today, she gobbled up a hash brown, then for lunch, she requested a pizza.  We’re glad they decided to discontinue the one medication that we thought was causing her nausea.  Best of all, she has been able to smile all day!

5d She also had a busy day, participating in physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), in house school teacher, and wrote a poem.  As the cherry on top for a busy day, her favorite clown Looney Lenny paid her a personal visit in her room.

5b 5cSo the last of the chemo is hanging now and we’ll be discharged hopefully early tomorrow.  Then, we’ll just be hanging out at home again, and hoping that she doesn’t get a fever.


  1. so happy you feel better Isabella---hang in there! Love and prayers coming your way!!

  2. So glad you guys are headed home. Isabella looks good. It's good to see such a big smile on her face. Hope you guys are holding up as well.


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