Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to (the new) Normal

Many cancer families use the term the “new normal” to describe how the everyday things in their lives have changed.  After Isabella finished her radiation treatment and showed a few clean scans, we settled into a “new normal” routine as a family.  We knew we could never go back to the way things were before Isabella’s diagnosis, and we knew we had to make the best of our situation.  This new normal included daily nutritional supplements for Isabella, a vastly overhauled diet for the family (lots more natural and organic food), scheduled occupational and physical therapy, anxiety every time it was time for an MRI, and so on.  And for a few months, it was nice to return to normal, albeit a new normal.

Unfortunately, when Isabella’s cancer returned, we immediately got thrown back into the whirlwind of frequent doctors and hospital visits.  We made several trips to Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia for consultations.  We would be at the hospital for a week at a time for chemotherapy or for neutropenic fevers.  We had fallen out of our routine.  Even simple things such as eating dinner as a family became a challenge.

However, for the last week or so, we have been back into a sort of routine.  Since Isabella’s blood counts are still slightly depressed, our doctor has suggested we delay this next round of chemo until next week to give her body more time to recover.  Physically, Isabella is doing great and she’ll be able to finish out this week at school.  I have been able to go to work and actually get into a groove to get stuff done.  So even though it’s just temporary, it has been nice to be back to our new normal.

Enjoy these new pictures!

Isabella reads to a dog at a “Read to Rover” event at the local library.


Isabella takes a sip from her “happy cup”.


Isabella and Roneil play some drums on Rock Band.


Nathaniel (and his chocolate goatee) and Isabella try to give their meanest look for the camera.


And finally, Nathaniel gives Isabella a kiss after she gave him a Valentine’s Day card.

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