Friday, January 7, 2011

Update on Upcoming Treatments

Isabella’s MRI yesterday didn’t show that the tumor is any smaller, but it also didn’t show that it had grown significantly so our doctor thinks that it is worth it to try another round of chemo.  We were fully expecting that the MRI would show significant growth and that we would stop any further treatment.  So although we will have another rough couple of weeks coming up with the chemo, we were relieved that the scan was “stable”.

We also decided to start the cycle on Saturday which allowed Isabella to go to school today.  Ironically, because of the snow storm hitting the northeast, it’ll end up being a short day since school will be dismissed early.

So although Julianne and I have been pretty bummed the last couple days, we’ve been trying to have some fun.  A couple nights ago, we played hide and seek around the house.  Here are a couple pictures from that.


Annalise and Nathaniel look for Isabella under the couch.


They still can’t find Isabella.


There she is under their nose the whole time!  I can’t believe she stayed still and quiet the whole time they were looking for her.


It took the kids a long time to find Roneil.  Can you spot him in the picture?

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  1. At least it is a "stable" MRI--thankful for that and keep your faith. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!


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