Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Update

The first couple of days Isabella was in the hospital, she had a pretty rough time.  Besides generally feeling bad with the fevers, she also felt a good amount of pain, from what we suspect is some gastrointestinal infection.  The pain had actually gotten to the point where we had to give Isabella morphine to ease the pain.  The doctors have not been able to pin down exactly what might be causing the infection, but they are hitting her with a bunch of different antibiotics.

Isabella has improved pretty well over the last couple of days.  She has not had a fever in a couple days and her blood counts have crept up.  She has also eaten and drunk (or is it drank?) much better than when she was first admitted to the hospital and her pain has subsided a bit.  So our doctors say that if her blood counts keep improving, she may be able to go home on Wednesday.  (Coincidentally, we’re expecting yet another snowstorm here in the NYC area when we hope she’ll be discharged!)  We’ll continue the antibiotics at home, but that’s better than being in the hospital.

So we hope that her immune system continues to improve so that we’ll be able to go home on Wednesday, even if it means going home through the snow.  But in the ultimate act of confidence, I brought all my stuff home today when Julianne came to relieve me of hospital duty.  I hope I don’t jinx us!

The picture below shows Roneil trying to catch some rest while Isabella and Nathaniel play.P1040271

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