Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going Home Today!

Isabella's counts have crept up enough for us to be discharged today! They "topped off" her platelets this morning and will be boosting her with some antibiotics soon and I will be driving in to bring her home shortly. The antibiotics will continue at home for a few days while she still has low white counts. We'll also go back into the City tomorrow for a blood transfusion (for low red cells), but at least we'll all be able to sleep in our own beds tonight!

Now the tricky part is to prevent her from spiking a fever or getting another infection during the holidays.


Update – 6:56pm

So we’re all home and settled in.  Here is a picture of Isabella from the hospital last night after she heard she was going home today.  Up until then, she hadn’t had much reason to smile so this was nice to catch.


Here we are at home playing Scrabble.


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  1. So happy to hear that she is coming home--May you all have Merry Healthy Christmas


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