Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Update

We enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving dinner over my mom’s house with friends and family.  On Saturday, Isabella had another MRI, and unfortunately, it shows that the tumor continues to grow.  We were expecting this because we have noticed she is weaker in general, although we were hoping for at least a stable scan.

We will be talking with our oncologist to start the next round of chemo asap.  This round will be a higher dose and with different drugs which will hopefully have some effect.  Isabella seemed to tolerate the last round really well, as she had very little nausea symptoms and her blood counts never really bottomed out.  Her hair has started falling out, but aside from her hair looking a little thinner, you couldn’t tell just by looking at her.  We expect it to all fall out with the next round.

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  1. Our family continues to pray for Isabella. Sending our love and prayers to her and your family. XOXO


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