Friday, August 20, 2010

The Most Difficult Update Yet

This is probably the most difficult update that I’ve written yet, and sadly, will not be the most difficult I will have to write.  All of Isabella’s doctors believe that the spot in Isabella’s brain is recurrent tumor.  Any hopes we had that this was a mistake or that it was just scar tissue were dashed this week.  In cases of recurrent malignant brain tumors, there is no chance for cure.  Although there are treatment options that may help prolong Isabella’s life for maybe weeks or months, the cancer will eventually spread and kill Isabella. 

We received this news a couple of days ago and it’s taken a couple of days for us to come to grips with the news.  For the past month, even though we saw a bunch of signs that this indeed was recurrent, we at least had a slim glimmer of hope that it may be scar tissue.  But having the absolute certainty of this has been very difficult for us to deal with.  We don’t know how much time is left (personally, I don’t want to know), but the spot did grow slightly in the 4 weeks since we first saw it. 

I mentioned that there are treatment options available, but the thing that we need to consider is quality of life.  Is it worth it to put Isabella through several cycles of chemo for a few extra weeks or months?  Some parents on the support groups when faced with this decision decide to forego any further treatment so that their child can spend their last days happy and not sick and vomiting.  Others want to try everything knowing they may regret leaving an option untried that may have helped their child.  We’ll need to weigh our options soon and make the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make.

If anyone out there is holding onto a miracle, now would be a good time to use it. 


  1. Guys, I'm so sorry to hear this. I was hoping for scar tissue. I know you guys will make the right decision.

  2. so much love to you all.

  3. Isabella, we're sticking by your side and praying for your miracle. We love you all tons. We're your community, your friends, and will not let you walk this alone. Love, Tracy and Bob and Ethan and the girls.

  4. If I hold a miracle... It is yours! There is no right or wrong decision. Only love is real!

  5. All my best to you Isabella and Family. Prayers are coming your way.

  6. My prayers will continue to be with you. If anybody deserves a miracle it is Isabella.


  7. Precious Isabella when I first saw your new born picture I knew right away you were special. And as you grown older I can see why.You have a special walk, talk, and your behavior is not one of a kid but of some special person that has been here before. You are a precious angel on earth that may or may not go back home to your heavenly father soon but no matter how long you are here you will not leave until the job is done. You and your beloved family as brought so much awareness and proudness to the community at large about your illness. Theses things only happen to family that God himself chooses. So Jullianne and Roneil be encourage because you are proud parents of an Angel and whatever path you take it will be the right one for Isabella and the family. Peace and Blessings to you all, Josephine


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