Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Locks of Love

Locks of Love is an organization that provides hairpieces to children who have lost their hair due to some medical condition. We were very fortunate with Isabella in that first of all, she completely did not care when her hair fell out during the chemotherapy.  Secondly, her hair came in so nicely afterwards, and as many of you can attest, has been super curly!

Several months ago, Annalise mentioned that she would like to get her haircut and donate her hair to Locks of Love.  Since they require at least 10 inches of hair, we had to wait a bit to let her hair grow so that it would still be about shoulder length after it was cut.  Well, today was the day she got her hair cut and we captured the entire event. 

Special thanks to Greg and Tony’s salon in Westport, CT who provide the service of cutting and shipping the hair free of charge!

Click on each picture to see a larger version.

Check out how long Annalise’s hair was!


Halfway gone!


Isabella poses with Annalise and her detached hair


Isabella goofs around and imagines what she would look like with longer hair!


Annalise – Before and After!P1020784 Fuse


  1. The two of you look so pretty!I love Isabella's short curly hair and of course her big smile.Love you all.:)

  2. I love Annalise's new haircut! Very sleek! And I wouldn't change Isabella's hair - I love the curls! They are very becoming of her! I have donated to lock of love, too. What a great cause! Good for you Annalise!

  3. How nice and a great new look for Annalise! I can't even picture Isabella anymore with long straight hair, ya gotta love those curls!

    Love to all,
    Suzy Buffone


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