Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Stable MRI! (4/10/2010)

We just got out of the meeting with Isabella’s oncologist and we are happy to report another stable MRI!  It’s easy to forget about our “situation” on a day-to-day basis, especially since Isabella appears and acts like a normal child.  And I don’t think “forget” is really the right work, because honestly, who can really forget about this?  It’s better to say that it’s easy to push this situation to the back of our consciousness when everything, at least on the outside looks normal.  So it’s back there in our minds, lingering and shows itself every once in a while.  Whether it’s when Isabella has a slightly crooked smile, or if her right hands struggles to do something (I’ll never forget seeing her hand tremble while holding a cup of water the day before she went to the hospital).  But for the most part, we go on with our daily lives.

But when Isabella’s cancer really is brought back to the spotlight is during these MRIs.  It’s like those tests that you took back in school, where you feel like you aced it, but there’s a little nagging part of you that just says “what-if?”  And that’s how it is for the days right before we learn the results.  What if?  I don’t know if we’ll ever get over that nervousness and anxiety as we wait for the results.

But that’s neither here nor there.  This time around, we’re still stable and we don’t have to worry about it for another 3 months.  On Wednesday, Isabella will have her mediport taken out of her chest.  If you recall, the mediport is a small device placed in the chest, just under the skin, and is a direct line right into the heart.  All of Isabella’s medications and some occasional blood draws would be done through the mediport.

The picture below is of Isabella in her Easter dress.  Go visit our family blog ( for a few more pictures of the family.

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  1. THANK GOD!! SOOO happy for Isabella and your family!

  2. Amen! Thank God she's stable! What a beautiful little girl. Very happy for the entire family to be back to "normal"!

  3. Oh thank God, prayers answered! Love, Ethan and the gang

  4. God has blessed us with a miracle. Isabella we love you!


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