Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Notes Left Behind

An amazingly touching and gut-wrenching story about a six year old girl who lost her battle with brain cancer.  Original article here.

Elena was almost 6 years old when she was diagnosed with Pediatric Brain Cancer. The doctors told her she had only 135 days to live; she survived 255 days until she lost her battle with cancer.

As her cancer progressed she lost the ability to speak and turned to writing and coloring. She would express herself through little notes to her parents, family members and even pets. After Elena passed away her family began finding notes hidden everywhere: briefcases, books, drawers, shelves, etc. and after awhile the Desserich’s realized that Elena had been planting these notes throughout the house to be found after she was gone.

A year after her family found what they thought to be the last note they found another, in a coloring book. Elena’s parents hope that they never stop finding notes.

In tribute to Elena her family has published a book called, Notes Left Behind, which is a collection of these special notes. Proceeds benefit “The Cure Starts Now”.

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