Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Disappointing Update

It turns out I was premature in stating that Isabella's last MRI was clean.  After a follow up visit with her oncologist today, she revealed that a more thorough review of the MRI revealed that there is still tumor present. I should point out that this isn't new tumor, so everything is still stable from the last MRIs.  The doctor told us that the tumor may stay as it is now or continue to shrink (or grow).  She has seen cases where a tumor was stable for several months and then after a couple years, just completely disappeared. 

We're obviously disappointed at this news, but it really doesn't change much. We'll continue to do periodic MRIs to track progress and there are no plans for further treatment (chemotherapy or radiation).  We'll continue her occupational therapy to continue strengthening her right hand and improve her balance.  Isabella will go back to school as soon as the flu makes it rounds at the school.

Isabella continues to be a vibrant, energetic child that continues to amaze us on a daily basis.  I don't think she's done amazing us yet.

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