Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Update

Isabella’s first grade teacher reports that she’s doing amazingly well at school and fit right in both academically and socially when she returned.  This is really great news considering she missed more than half the school year.

There also isn’t much more to report as we all return to what is now our normal lives.  Isabella’s next MRI is scheduled for October 10th, and we should get the results within a few days afterwards.

One pretty cool thing to report though is that Isabella’s hair is growing back in very nicely, aside from the area that was exposed to the radiation.  They expect this area to start growing back within the next few weeks.  But Isabella is very proud of her new hair growing back.  Last year,  when she went to school, she would prefer to wear a hat.  Now, she doesn’t want to wear a hat so that she could show off her hair!

We’ve read that when cancer patient’s hair grows back, it could grow back a different color, texture, and curliness, so we are very curious to see as her hair gets longer.  The picture below does show that her hair looks like it will return to being curly.  You have to zoom in pretty close, but you could see some of her hair curling up at the back of her head.

P1000522 Also, if you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to support my cousin, Adlar, as he races the New York City marathon in honor of Isabella.  Click the link over to the right to make a donation online, but if you prefer to mail something in, feel free to contact me (  The race is scheduled for November 1st.


  1. So happy to hear that Isabella has adjusted to school well--we pray for her health every day. She is an amazing young woman.

  2. So good to hear things are going well. Your family continues to be in our daily prayers.

    Kathy McLean


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