Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ronald McDonald House

rmhc As you can imagine, if we had to stay at a hotel in Boston for the entire 6 weeks, it would get expensive really quickly.  Fortunately, there are several charity houses in the area that provide lodging either at little or no cost for families that are receiving treatment at any of the local hospitals.  For the first two weeks of treatment, we are staying at the Ronald McDonald House which is located in Brookline, MA and just a few minutes drive to Mass General Hospital.  The house is a beautiful, old mansion located in a nice, quiet neighborhood.  The house can hold 23 families and includes a special annex for stem cell/bone marrow kids who need to be isolated.  The house has a giant kitchen with two refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers, and islands.  Best of all, on the lower level, there is a children’s playroom complete with all sorts of games and two arcade games.  It was no surprise that Isabella, Annalise, and Nathaniel quickly grew to love staying at the house and couldn’t wait to get back to Boston after going home this weekend.  The only disappointment I had was not being able to get a Big Mac and fries whenever I wanted!  Click the link below to see a slideshow of the house.


  1. are u guys the only ones there right now?

  2. There are other families here, but it certainly isn't full.

  3. I am happy that your family can enjoy some fun times while the radiation is occurring. Best wishes and please continue to keep us updated.


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