Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not So Busy Weekend

So the rain ended up drenching the tri-state area and ruining our plans for the weekend.  After Isabella’s MRI on Saturday, we were planning on walking around all over New York City, perhaps hitting the Central Park Zoo.  On a nice day, a walk to Central Park would be nice (about 30 blocks) but because of the heavy rain, we didn’t want to walk all the way up to the Park.  Instead, we ended up going to Bryant Park (about 12 blocks away), doing some shopping along 5th Ave., and walking by the Empire State Building.  That’s about all the kids could take in the rain and cold before begging to go home.

All the rain on Saturday caused my baseball game on Sunday to be cancelled, and on top of that, the Making Headway Family Fun Day was also cancelled, so we had nothing planned for Father’s Day.  So, instead, we hung around the house and played in the yard.  We also broke out the golf clubs for the first time all year and went to the driving range.  Below are some pictures from our weekend.

Here is Annalise in front of one of the many bakeries at Grand Central Terminal.  It took us a while to pry her away from the window.


We bought a cake from Juniors bakery and brought it over to Bryant Part.  Here the girls are trying to stay warm and dry while enjoying the cake.IMG00179 Nathaniel looks sharp in his first baseball hat, a nice Yankee hat that we got from the Yankee Clubhouse store on 5th Ave.


Here are the three golfers ready to tear up the driving range. Isabella has her own bag and clubs.


Annalise, Isabella, and Nathaniel each wait their turn to hit.


Here’s a quick video of Isabella taking some swings at the driving range.

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend, besides the rain. All of you remain in our prayers. I miss you Annalise!!!

    Kathy McLean


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