Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Slight Delay

Today, Isabella was supposed to receive her third day of chemotherapy, which consisted of carboplatin. One of the side effects of carboplatin is that it may affect kidney functions, so every morning they analyze her urine to check her creatinine clearance. This morning, her creatine clearance was lower than normal, which may indicate an issue, so as a precaution, the doctors decided to skip today's chemo dose, check her urine again tomorrow, and go from there. They didn't seem too concerned about it and have indicated that a high percentage of kids on this chemo cycle have this type of delay.

Other than that though, Isabella is responding surprisingly well to the first two doses of carboplatin. Her appetite has been excellent and she only had a little nausea on Friday morning. She did throw up a little today, but it was after she had just eaten and then played hopscotch about a dozen times! We don't think this vomiting was due to the chemotherapy because immediately after she threw up, she said she was hungry again and ate a plateful of baked ziti! Her energy levels remain high as well as her spirits.

She also got a visit from Annalise and Nathaniel today and the three of them played for a few hours this afternoon. In addition to the hopscotch, they played catch, played on the computer, and ran all around the pediatric unit.

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