Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moved to Isolation

So today we were moved to an isolation room in the pediatric unit. An isolation room is the same as a regular room except that everything was sanitized before we moved into the room. And by everything, we mean everything, as they wiped down all our stuff as well. Moving into the isolation room is in preparation for Isabella receiving her stem cells later today (Saturday).

Also, her blood counts continue to remain steady, although the doctors expect them to drop within the next few days. The stem cells take about 7-10 days to travel through the blood stream to get to the bone marrow before they can start creating blood cells. So although she's not neutropenic yet (low white cells which make her highly susceptible to infections), she will be soon. During that time, all visitors will need to wear masks and gloves.

Isabella is still doing amazingly well. She has thrown up a few more times, and earlier today she didn't eat anything. But later in the afternoon, she started asking for some stuff to eat, including some pudding and chicken noodle soup. Of course, she threw that up a little later, but at least her appetite may be picking up. Later in the evening, she ate some chinese fried rice and pizza and milk and so far has kept that down. Later on Saturday, we also expect a visit from Annalise and Grandpa so that should certainly cheer her up.

Isabella also loves to participate in the many activities that the Child Life services provide here on the pediatric floor. Two of her favorite activities are watching the clowns perform magic and music group therapy. Here are two pictures below. The first is Isabella watching Looney Louie do some juggling. The second picture is with her in music group therapy playing some bongo drums.

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  1. With her time in isolation...Isabella can compose some songs on the bongos - can you record sound and post it here?

    Also, I think you all should give the stem cells a pep talk as they are running into Isabella: tell them where they need to go and what they need to do and that they CAN DO IT!!! Everyone needs encouragement and I think stem cells do too!! ~E


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