Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clinic Visit Update

Isabella went into Hassenfeld for a quick checkup. They drew her blood to check the counts to make sure she was recovering as expected. Her white blood cells are back up and she is no longer neutropenic, but her platelets are low. Our oncologist suggested we stop the neupogen shots (this is what helps stimulate the bone marrow to create more white cells), which should help the creation of platelets. On Monday, we'll go back to Hassenfeld and check her blood again to make sure that her platelets are coming back up.

What this means for the schedule is that everything is pushed back another week. Instead of doing the stem cell harvest next week, we'll start on the following Monday, March 23rd for 2 or 3 days. Then, we'll start Chemo Cycle 4 on Saturday, March 28 (which also happens to be my birthday). If all goes well, we can be back home again on Monday the 30th. We're a little concerned that Cycle 4 will now be 2 weeks delayed from when it should have started, but our oncologist said that no child has ever gone through the entire protocol without any delay.

So, we'll be home for another full week. The calendar over to the left is updated.


  1. No schedule is ever followed exactly as there are always bumps along the way. In the meantime, enjoy your time together as a family and continue to let Isabella enjoy being a regular kid...enjoy the laughter and the normalcy that we many times take for granted. Always remember there are many people praying for your family and for Isabella's health.

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