Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Bad News and Some Good News

The bad news is that Isabella's platelet count hasn't quite fully recovered from the last round of chemo (platelets are the blood component that help to form clots to stop bleeding). She had the platelet transfusion on Thursday and had the bad reaction to it, but her platelet count has dropped a little more since then. In order to start the next round of chemo, we need to be sure that Isabella's body is producing enough platelets, but at this point, it doesn't look like she is, so Cycle 3 of chemo will be postponed.

The good news is that Isabella is being discharged today and we will be going home for a full week! We decided not to go back to Rusk because from previous experience with Admitting and the insurance company, she probably wouldn't get back until Wednesday or Thursday, then she'll have to come back on Saturday to start the next cycle. Instead, the doctors and us agreed that Isabella would do just as well and probably even better just going home. Her hand and legs have progressed so much that we don't expect to lose much (if any) progress by being home for a week.

We're all extremely excited to be going home. Julianne is on her way in now, and we'll have to pack the tons of stuff that we've accummulated over the last 3 months that we've been here. Sometime this week, we'll have to get another blood count for Isabella just to make sure that her platelet counts are back up. Then on Saturday, we'll come back in to continue her next cycle.


  1. A whole week!!!!! - oh what great news - have fun and play lots of guitar hero/rock band!!!!
    with love

  2. Thats GREAT news! Enjoy having her home for a week. This week may be just what she and you need!


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