Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update for Wednesday, Jan 21

The nausea effects from the chemo seem to have all gone, and Isabella's appetite is definitely picking up (she just ate a big bag of sour cream and onion chips and some chocolate milk). She also has recovered from the most recent infection and has not spiked a fever since she's been up here on the pediatric floor.

As expected, her blood counts have continued to drop. She's had a bunch of nosebleeds and she's gotten a couple of platelet transfusions. She's also neutropenic again (low white cells) and she is receiving neupogen shots, which help stimulate the growth of the white cells. She's got one last dose of vincristine this Friday to finish up this second chemo cycle, then she will get her MRI on Saturday.

Unfortunately, her rehab is again disrupted with her being here. We just can't seem to make any traction and get momentum going for the rehab. Since Isabella is neutropenic and she's due to get another chemo shot this Friday, we will probably keep her here in the pediatric unit through the weekend, then hopefully go back down to Rusk early next week. At least we got our old room back, which is a big double room with no roommates, so we have the whole room to ourselves!


  1. Hi Sweetheart - This is Clara writing and I guess I am going through some of the same stuff you are. I had a brain tumor in May. I am still taking the chemo pills and I throw up too. Luckily, I throw up a lot less and you will too. Doesn't food taste funny? I'm a foodie so I can't get over it. I try to eat well when I can, but I crave french fries.
    I love you and your family and I am thinking of you.
    Mirabelle's Mom Clara

  2. Clara, you as well as Isabella are in my prayers for a successful outcome. Isabella's Grandpa

  3. Dear Isabella, You don't know me. My name is Doris and I work at Bridgeport Hospital where your Mom delivers babies. I just want you to let you that my thoughts and prayers are with you and I pray for your speedy recovery. God Bless You, Doris Jablonski business Clerical in Bridgeport Hospital's Labor and delivery unit.


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